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Drain Cleaning

Washington, D.C. Drain Cleaning 

A clogged drain is, at best, a serious inconvenience. At worst, it can cause property damage. Businesses can suffer significant losses if drains are not cleaned out in a timely manner and then properly maintained. Our Washington, D.C. drain cleaning service has over 20 years of experience serving the areas of Alexandria, Fairfax, and Silver Spring. We’re here with prompt service, dependable work, and a long-term maintenance program. 

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The Consequences of Clogged Drains

The problems property owners can encounter due to a drain clog are numerous. They can start with the fact that drain clogs can leave a nasty smell. The odor from sewer gas can leave anyone on the property nauseous and sick. Furthermore, the failure to drain wastewater properly will attract pests, be a breeding ground for germs and make it more likely that food will be contaminated. 

All of these are serious enough for anyone, be they a homeowner or a business owner, to take prompt action. For someone running a business, though, the risks are just starting. Additional consequences unique to commercial drainage systems include the following: 

  • The business might be shut down for health code violations. Getting reinspection done is often a bureaucratic nightmare, preventing a fast reopening. 
  • The grease trap can malfunction, leading to both sewage backups and fines from the health department. 
  • Water overflow and grease-coated floors are safety hazards, which in turn lead to increased liability exposure.
  • All of the above makes for an unpleasant customer experience, leading to bad word-of-mouth, lost revenue, and a long road to rebuilding one’s reputation and brand. 
  • The immediate repairs required are often costlier than what might have been needed with regular checkups. 

These are more than serious problems. These are existential threats to the life of a business. We’re here to help prevent them from happening. 

Our 5-Step EZ Flow Drain Maintenance Program

Did we mention “You get peace of mind” twice already? Good. Let’s do it a third time. As business owners ourselves, we know that you have enough on your plate each day without having to worry about something as basic as drain clogs. Let us worry about that. You can focus on providing your product or service. 

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Additional Benefits of EZ Flow Maintenance

The five-step program outlined above is the main course of our EZ Flow Drain Maintenance program. We’re also happy to wheel out a dessert tray with the following benefits: 

  • A 10% Discount on Plumbing Repairs: You have the opportunity to take advantage of any unadvertised specials we offer. What’s more, you get a 10% discount should you ever need us for any plumbing repair.
  • A 2-Year Service Guarantee: This applies to all repairs and replacements. 
  • Same-Day Service: You won’t wait days for a highly trained technician, nor will you be buried at the bottom of a wait list, no matter how busy we are. 
  • Complete Plumbing System inspections: Receive a complete health assessment of your pipes and water system inside your business to make sure that minor annoyances such as dripping faucets, running toilets, slow sinks, and faulty water heaters don’t turn into major problems forcing you to interrupt operation and potentially lose revenue while incurring a significant expense.

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