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How to Identify a Sewer Line Break


When you’re troubleshooting to determine if there is a crack or leak in your sewer line, you’ll want to be aware of the following symptoms and remember some of these tips to help you make informed decisions around next steps and who to call.

Pipe Erosion and Water Leaks

A sewer line break can disrupt the even flow in a pipe and cause erosion to develop both in the interior of the pipe and all around its exterior. In compromised areas, water leaks outside the pipe, draining and soaking the ground above and beneath it. Also, as the moisture naturally flows back into the pipe, water drags the surrounding soil with it bit by bit. This creates a void in the ground area surrounding the pipe and that space can become a nightmare for your property – from cracks in your concrete foundation, pathways, and driveways to an open invitation for rodents and other critters to nest and feed.

Gas Odors

If you’re experiencing sewer gas odors, chances are there may be a break in your sewer line. Your private sewer lateral should be both air and watertight. So getting wind of something not quite right could indicate a problem. If your neighbors are asking a lot of questions about funny odors around your property, it’s time to investigate and have a sewer camera inspection.

Camera Inspection

If you suspect something has gone wrong with your sewer, get a camera inspection; a good inspection will tell you exactly what and where the problem is.

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