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Charles County Maryland Septic System Reimbursement Programs

Reimbursement Programs

The Septic System Reimbursement programs aim to meet nutrient load reduction targets by pumping out 20% of the County’s septic systems annually to meet the County’s Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) nutrient pollution reduction goals. Pumping of septic systems is recommended to maintain the effectiveness and longevity of the system and provides a reduction of nutrient leaching over time.

Charles County residents with a septic system are eligible once every 3 years for reimbursement of a system pump-out. Residents must complete the application below and provide a copy of the contractor’s receipt.

Applications will be verified and processed within 12 weeks of receipt. A reimbursement check will be mailed to the address provided in the application. Applications must be received within six (6) months of the pump-out.

Re-reimbursement Application Online

Contact Emerald Plumbing Co for Septic Riser Installation which encourages property owners with existing septic systems to have tank risers installed when their septic system is pumped out. This reimbursement can be applied for at the same time as your reimbursement for a Septic System Pump Out.

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