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Why does my restaurant need a grease trap?


Whether you need a grease interceptor or grease trap will depend on your business’s size and the amount of grease and fatty waste you regularly produce.

Grease traps separate grease and waste from the water before it can reach the sewer. Grease traps can also be called grease interceptors.

A standard grease trap has two chambers. As your kitchen wastewater flows through the first chamber, it captures the grease. Once it solidifies, it will float to the top of the first chamber, allowing the clean water to flow into the second chamber.

Businesses that typically need to have a grease trap installed

  • Any restaurant or takeout
  • Bakeries and cafes that bake their good on the premises
  • Malls with food courts
  • Mobile food outlets
  • Universities or other institutions
  • Catering services
  • Food manufacturing facilities
  • Convenience stores
  • Hospital and nursing property kitchens

Pretty much any business that produces fats, oils, and greases in large quantities must install a grease trap or interceptor.

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