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5 Plumbing Fixes To Get Rid Of Chalky Film On Dishes Permanently

Is your dishwasher leaving white chalky film all over your dishes? If so there are five plumbing fixes that will eliminate the problem once and for all. This is a frustrating problem that leaves you wondering whether it's the soap, the old dishwasher, or something wrong with your water.

You may try adding rinse aid to the dishwasher and find that it works temporarily. But when the product runs out, the white chalky film eventually comes back in full force.

A dishwasher that has never been cleaned could contribute to the problem. Poor quality dishwashing soap could also contribute. But the fact is that the problem originates within your plumbing system and these things only make it more evident.

Here are 5 plumbing tips that will help you get rid of that white film problem for good.

1. Have Your Hot Water Heater Tank Flushed Out

No matter where you get your water from, there will be sediments in it such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals are present in all water sources but are more concentrated in some. Well water and natural spring water are examples of water sources that have high sedimentary content.

The minerals will turn into a white, very light and flaky substance that floats in the water. However, it is sticky and will coat anything it touches. The minerals turn into this form when heated by the hot water heater tank resulting in limescale.

Limescale sticks to everything and settles down on the bottom of the tank. It is then forced by the pressure within the fresh water lines throughout the pipes in your home. As it passes through faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures, it will stick to them and corrode them. This is why water heater tanks corrode and bust.

A regular flush out is one step to getting rid of the white film that coats your dishes and everything else.

2. Have A Water Softener Installed

Your entire plumbing system will improve when you install a water softener. Water softeners introduce a brine into the fresh water system of your home before it is transferred through all the pipes. Most commonly, salt is used to create the brine solution. This dissolves the minerals that will cause white film and floating particles in your water. But this is only just another step to a permanent solution.

3. Hire A Plumbing Pro For Whole House Drain Cleaning

Limescale builds up within the pipes and forms a rock-hard coating within. Over time, this builds up so thick that barely any water can get through. Eventually, the pipes will completely clog. Drain cleaning should be done throughout the entire home to clean and sanitize the drains and pipes.

High pressure water jetting is a safe, environmentally friendly, and highly effective technique for drain cleaning. Combine this with the steps above and you're on your way to never deal with white film and corrosive limescale again.

4. When These Are Done, Clean Your Dishwasher

You can clean your dishwasher any time, but the results won't last until you do all the steps above. The process should be done regularly to clean it out thoroughly. You can use a 2 cups of vinegar placed on the bottom rack and let the dishwasher run. Alternatively, there are dishwasher cleaning products you can buy to dissolve the mineral buildup. Make sure you regularly check and clean the filter.

5. Use Good Dishwasher Soap

It may cost a little more, but a good quality dishwasher soap is worth a couple of extra dollars. Your dishwasher will only work as well as the soap does. Cascade's All-in-1 Action Pacs receive high reviews, but there are certainly other great options out there. The product is all natural, nontoxic, and very effective even in old dishwashers. Just remember that the rest of your plumbing pipes still have that limescale floating around in it, so seriously consider the other steps for a permanent solution to the problem.

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